Aug 20, 2017  


The Guernsey Financial Services Commission ("GFSC") has issued a new Corporate Governance Code (the "Code") which came into effect on 1 January 2012. The Company is, however, not required by Guernsey law to comply with the Code, as it is not regulated by the GFSC. The Company has, however, voluntarily committed to comply with the UK Corporate Governance Code. Companies which report against the UK Corporate Governance Code are deemed to meet the requirements of the Code.

Save for departing from the requirements to: (i) have a chief executive (since the Company will not have any executive Directors); (ii) have a senior independent director (since the Company considers that each Director who is not chairman can effectively fulfil this function); (iii) have a remuneration committee (given the small size of the exclusively non-executive and independent Board); (iv) have a nomination committee (given the small size of the exclusively non-executive and independent Board); and (v) appoint the Directors for a term of six years (given the term of the Leases is twelve years), the Company is not presently aware of any departures from the UK Corporate Governance Code.

Audit committee

The Company's Audit Committee meets formally at least twice a year for the purpose, amongst other things, of considering the appointment, independence and remuneration of the auditor and to review the annual accounts, interim reports and interim management statements. Where non-audit services are to be provided by the auditor, full consideration of the financial and other implications on the independence of the auditor arising from any such engagement will be considered before proceeding. The Audit Committee comprises each of the Directors. Charles Wilkinson will act as chairman of the Audit Committee. The principal duties of the Audit Committee will be to consider the appointment of external auditors, to discuss and agree with the external auditors the nature and scope of the audit, the reliability of the financial reporting and internal controls, to keep under review the scope, results and cost effectiveness of the audit and the independence and objectivity of the auditor, to review the external auditors' letter of engagement and management letter and to analyse the key procedures adopted by the Company's service providers.


12.07.17 - Dividend Declaration

12.07.17 - Quarterly Factsheet

10.07.17 - Annual Financial Report and Notice of AGM

11.04.17 - Dividend Declaration

11.04.17 - Quarterly Factsheet

11.01.17 - Dividend Declaration

11.01.17 - Quarterly Factsheet

11.01.17 - Quarterly Factsheet Quarter 4 2016

02.12.16 - Half Yearly Financial Report to 30 September 2016

12.10.16 - Dividend Declaration

12.10.16 - Quarterly Fact Sheet

05.10.16 - Annual Financial Report to 31 March 2016

04.10.16 - Results of GM

14.07.16 - Dividend Declaration

14.07.16 - Annual Financial Report to 31 March 2016

13.07.16 - Quarterly Fact Sheet

29.04.16 - Quarterly Fact Sheet

14.04.16 - Dividend Declaration

14.03.16 - Disclosure of Home Member State

05.01.16 - Dividend Declaration

25.11.15 - Half Yearly Financial Report

01.10.15 - Quarterly Fact Sheet

01.10.15 - Results of GM

01.10.15 - Dividend Declaration

24.07.15 - Annual Financial Report for the period to 31 March 2015

02.07.15 - Dividend Declaration

02.07.15 - Quarterly Fact Sheet

13.05.15 - Director's Other Directorship

01.04.15 - Dividend Declaration

07.04.15 - Quarterly Fact Sheet

13.02.15 - Half Yearly Financial Report for the period to 30 September 2014

06.01.15 - Quarterly Fact Sheet

06.01.15 - Dividend Declaration

27.11.14 - Final DNA2 Accounts

18.11.14 - Results of General Meeting

14.11.14 - Notification of Major Interest in Shares

14.10.14 - ANN Notice AGM

06.10.14 - REVISED Notice and Form of Proxy

01.10.14 - Quarterly Fact Sheet

01.10.14 - Dividend Declaration – Corrective Announcement

17.09.14 - Change in Directorate

01.09.14 - Proposed Cancellation of Listing on CISEA

04.08.14 - Sale of Shares in the Company

31.07.14 - Annual Financial Report

08.07.14 - Change of name of Administrator and Company Secretary

02.07.14 - Asset Man' report announcement

01.07.14 - Dividend Declaration

01.04.14 - Dividend declaration

01.04.14 - Quarterly Fact Sheet Quarter 1 2014

13.01.14 - Change in Directorate

08.01.14 - Asset Managers report announcement

07.01.14 - Dividend declaration

07.01.14 - Change of Registered Office

07.01.14 - Quarterly Fact Sheet Quarter 4 2013

19.12.13 - DNA2 Half-yearly Financial Report Announcement

18.12.13 - Half Yearly Financial Report for the period to 30 September 2013

13.12.13 - Notification of Transaction by Director

25.11.13 - Half-yearly Financial Report Announcement

01.10.13 - Dividend Declaration

01.10.13 - Asset Manager's Report

23.08.13 - Annual Financial Report to 31 March 2013

02.07.13 - Quarterly Fact Sheet Q2 2013

02.07.13 - Dividend Declaration


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